Chicago Cedar Roof Repair: A Quick Guide

22 October 2018
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22 October 2018, Comments: 0

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Chicago Cedar Roof Repair: A Quick Guide

Cedar Roof Repair Contractor (847) 827-1605

Cedar Roof Repair Contractor (847) 827-1605

One of the most important and neglected parts of a home is the roof.

Protecting your home from the elements 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, your roof  is bound to be exposed to some of the harshest conditions Chicago weather has to offer. The most important thing you can do is to guarantee the health of your roof  by being proactive with roof maintenance. This is especially true when it comes to Chicago cedar roof repair, where extreme weather can quickly make a small roofing problem much larger and damage the structure of your home.

Let’s take a moment to quickly review the process you can go through for cedar roof repair.

Identify Trouble Spots

We highly recommend getting an inspection from a trained roofing professional. Walking on your own roof is dangerous for you, and can actually cause more damage to your roof – particularly if it is cedar. Look for trouble safely from windows and from the ground and if you see something please contact a certified professional. 

Long before a roof gives out, trouble spots will emerge. If properly identified early enough, then repair work can be done in a cost-effective manner before the problem balloons out of control. Now cedar roof shingles are particularly good at handling the rather intense weather we can get in Chicago.

At the same time, any roofing material given time will gradually deteriorate over time. Below are things you should look for.

  • Splitting: If your cedar roofing shingles are splitting down the middle, then enough damage has been done to warrant replacement of those shingles. If this is done early enough you will not need to replace the whole roof.  Cupping is another issue that will require immediate replacement and may hint towards more extensive damage with surrounding shingles.
  • Curling: Curling can occur, especially with excessive humidity and hot temperatures, but it is also a natural part of the aging process so don’t let it cause too much stress!
  • Fraying: Fraying and fractures can also decrease the life expectancy of your roofing shingles and put the rest of your roof at risk.

Thankfully, you have options.

Hire The Best Chicago Cedar Roof Repair Company

With more than a decade of experience operating as a family run business, A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. has established a fantastic reputation with more than 5500+ Chicago area homes having been served. The certified in-house installation crews and trained professionals have years of training and expertise to spot problems with cedar roofing shingles and can offer solutions that help to reduce cost where possible.

In addition to repairs and replacements, they can also help you with making a maintenance plan to prevent needing lots of repairs later. Using A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc. means you will be getting top quality service, the highest quality products, and second to none customer service.