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Residential & Commercial Bamboo Decking

What is dasso.XTR?

We take natural bamboo and, through our proprietary process, fuse it into a dense, durable exterior bamboo decking and RainClad siding products.

dassoXTR bamboo decking products

Bamboo flooring is the most preferred choice for consumers looking for “green” building materials.

As consumers are becoming more environmentally aware, builders and developers are responding to these issues. They are turning to the manufacturing of bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring as a flooring option is becoming a very popular choice. Bamboo flooring is made from fast-growing bamboo stalks, a type of grass, not wood. Bamboo has the ability to grow in a variety of climates, from jungles to high-on mountainsides, making it robust and plentiful resource for a variety of uses. Bamboo is one of nature’s fastest growing plants and starts to re-grow immediately after it is harvested. It regenerates without need for replanting, and requires minimal fertilization or pesticides. Thus being an environmentally friendly product by helping preserve the eco-system of which the bamboo plant is a part. Once bamboo flooring is installed, it requires fewer chemicals to clean and repair it. Bamboo flooring is also treated to be moisture and insect resistant without the use of harsh chemicals. For all of these reasons, the production of bamboo flooring results in a durable, attractive product at the least environmental cost.

Bamboo is an excellent addition to the list of flooring options to consider for a major flooring project. Bamboo flooring not only represents durability and visual appeal, but also an environmentally-responsible choice for those who feel that the renewability of natural resources is important.

Bamboo flooring is the one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options you can select for your home.



Nominal 2X6 Decking


Reversible: Smooth / Reeded

1 5/8″

5 3/8″


Face Screw / Screw & Plug

Edges & Ends:
Dasso.XTR No Groove Decking
No Groove No Groove