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Durable Under Deck Drainage Systems

Our durable, virtually maintenance-free under deck drainage system allows you to transform the unused space under your raised deck into a beautiful, dry outdoor room that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Before and After Photos:

What is InsideOut?

There are many under deck drainage systems on the market, but few that offer the strength of the InsideOut Underdeck system. Our innovative underdecking product is unlike the rest because it is made from a highly durable, titanium-stabilized aluminum alloy that is far stronger than the vinyl that most other under deck ceilings are made from. The superior strength of our system allows it to withstand up to 20 pounds per square foot without sagging, breaking, cracking, or bending. That means it can easily support the weight of ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and even as much as three feet of freshly fallen snow. Even extreme cold or heat won’t affect our underdecking, because it is designed to resist seasonal expansion and contraction, a situation that often causes warping and even seam separation in vinyl systems.

In addition to the outstanding durability of our system, it’s able to effectively drain away incredible amounts of rainfall. Our system’s patented, locking grid and panel structure allows our system to drain as much as 15 inches of rainfall per hour when installed by a professional dealer. So, you’ll never have to let a rainy day keep you from enjoying the outdoors.

InsideOut underdecking is even available in a wide array of matte colors and woodgrain laminates, so you can choose a finish that perfectly suits your tastes and helps to extend the beauty of your home to your under deck living space.

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Why Should I Use InsideOut?

Besides creating additional living space, InsideOut® can make the inside of your home feel and look better—engineered for performance, designed to wow the neighbors! Finish: White

Before / After

InsideOut® brightened the rooms inside our home while covering the exposed nails, dirty rafters, and outright dreariness of the underside of our deck”. —Annette Sejat — Finish: White

Is it Just for Homes

InsideOut® can be used to create an outdoor living area residentially, in multifamily settings, and commercially—engineered for performance, designed to wow your guests, no matter who they are. Finish: Light Cherry

Available Colors:

Our color palette includes five distinctive solid wood finishes chosen for their unique species, grain and color; and seven rich matte finishes chosen for their visual temperatures and rich hues. With woodgrain and painted finishes, you’ll be able to create an outdoor living space that reflects and expresses your personality.

Available Colors


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