GAF TPO EverGuard 45mil Fleece-Back Single-Ply Roofing Membrane

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EverGuard® TPO 45mil Fleece-Back  Single-Ply Roofing Membrane

EverGuard® TPO 45mil Fleece-Back

TPO 45 mil Fleece-Back thermoplastic polyolefin single-ply membrane systems have been engineered to provide superior long-term performance.

Single-Ply Roofing Membrane

When you’re looking to avoid the expense of removing an existing roofing system before installing a new one, EverGuard® Fleece-back TPO is the perfect choice. It’s also ideal for applications over abrasive surfaces such as concrete or gravel, as no protective sheet is required. It also provides a great installation flexibility, as it can be mechanically attached, mopped in hot asphalt, or fully adhered using either conventional ot low rise foam adhesives. EverGuard® Fleece-back TPO even has system configurations for enhanced hail resistance.

Green Spec

Applicable Standards

UL Listed, FM Approved, Dade County Product Approval, Florida Building Code Approved, CRRC Listed, Title 24 Compliant, ENERGY STAR® Listed, ASTM D6878.

1. Certain data is provided in MD (machine direction) x CMD (cross machine direction) format.

2. Data is based upon typical product performance, and is subject to normal manufacturing tolerance and variance

Physical PropertiesASTM Test MethodASTM 6878 MinimumEverGuard® Typical Test Data
Nominal ThicknessASTM D-7510.039″ (min.)0.045″
Breaking StrengthASTM D-751 Grab Method220 lbf/in430 lbf x 360 lbf
Factory Seam StrengthASTM D-75166 lbf100 lbf (membrane failure)
Elongation at BreakASTM D-75115%30%
Heat AgingASTM D-57390% Retention of Breaking Strength and Elongation at Break100%
Tear StrengthASTM D-751 8″ x 8″ Sample55 lbf90 lbf x 120 lbf
Puncture ResistanceFTM 101C Method 2031Not Established>290 lbs.
Cold BrittlenessASTM D-2137-40 C-40 C
PermeanceASTM E-96Not Established0.070 Perms
Dimensional ChangeASTM D-1204 @158 F, 6 hrs.+/- 1%0.2%
Water AbsorptionASTM D-471 @158 F, 1 week+/- 3.0% max.0.7%
Hydrostatic ResistanceASTM D-751Method DNot Established390 psi
Ozone ResistanceASTM D-1149No visible deterioration @ 7 x magnificationNo visible deterioration @ 7 x magnification
Reflectivity (white)ASTM C1549N/A0.76
Emissivity (white)ASTM C1371N/A0.90

Product Data

Full Roll SizeFull Roll WeightHalf Roll SizeHalf Roll Weight
(1,000 sq.ft.)
284 lbs.5′ x 100′
(500 sq.ft.)
142 lbs.

Note: Membrane rolls shipped horizontally on pallets.


Store rolls on their sides on pallets or shelving in a dry area

Safety Warning

Membrane rolls are heavy. Position and install by at least two people.

Note: Product sizes, dimensions, and widths are nominal values and are subject to normal manufacturing/packaging tolerance and variation

* White, Energy Tan and Energy Gray Membrane Only