15 February 2016
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15 February 2016, Comments: Comments Off on A Home Made From Shipping Containers…

A Home Made From Shipping Containers

Claudie Dubreuil, a general contractor in Mirabel, Quebec, is the owner of Collections Dubreuil. Her company builds traditional wood houses and condos — fantastic for business, but the owner’s design aesthetic is a bit more adventurous.

When it was time for Dubreuil to build her own new home, she decided to take a different path — a path that involves shipping containers and an amazing design.

Although finding an engineering firm to help her was difficult, her dream came true for a total cost between $330,000 and $377,000, in U.S. dollars. (The total cost included lot price, excavation, labor and materials.)

The containers she purchased were 8 feet wide and 40 feet long. That might not seem like a lot of space. But what you see in the first photo is just step one.

The engineering firm cut out sections of the containers to fit her design and shipped them to her lot.


transporting-containers containers-together bedroom-bath bath-window finished-product bathroom living-room-2 living-room vanity second-floor-deck stairs lighting office finished-product-2 kitchen dinning-room

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