Ice Damming and Snow Removal Services

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A total of $150 is charged for every hour past the first initial charge of $350. This is typically charged on larger projects and the severity of the Ice Damming. There will be 2 roofers included in this package.

Our Ice Damming removal services operate Monday thru Friday.
(No weekends)

We currently serve the Northwest Suburbs and Chicago North. Please contact us to see if your town qualifies.

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What is Ice Damming and How Does it Form?
NO ROOF IS SAFE FROM ICE DAMMING: Ice can form as a result of extreme winter snow and variables that allow the attic to heat up and prematurely melt the snow on your roof. Things such as poor ventilation, the slope of the roof, color of the shingles, construction of the roof are examples of how ice dams can occur. When your roof starts to heat up the snow turns into water, runs down into your gutters around all sides of your home then freezes as it leaves the warmth of the house. This repeated process may lead to complete ice damming in your gutters and on the edge of the roof. Old or new, no roof is made to hold standing water.
What to do If You Have Ice Damming?
It is advisable to remove as much snow and ice from the immediate areas of concern, not necessarily the entire roof.
Process of Relieving the Ice Dam
We relieve the ice damming temporarily until the gutters thaw. This includes processes such as shoveling the roof, chiseling exit channels for the ice to drain and installing a calcium chloride “salt sock” that dissolves ice rapidly.
Things to Understand About Your Home:
This temporary procedure is simply a relief from the water that continues to build up on the ice dam. It does not fix the ice damming and does not guarantee to stop the leaks immediately. This procedure simply relieves and improves the current condition. ALERT: The ice damming relief we provide does not address the following: ICE BUILD UP IN YOUR ATTIC: You may already have ice forming inside your attic before we arrive. This ice is not visible from the exterior and in most cases can cause leaks several days later as it melts and drips down.
Example of Hidden Ice

Example of Hidden Ice

How Ice Dams Form

How Ice Dams Form

Ice Damming and Snow Removal Services

Icicles hanging along the eaves of your house may look amazing, but Ice Damming can spell big trouble for your homes roof.