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Liberty Elite

This is where the classic look of freshly painted wood meets exceptional durability. Liberty Elite features technology that boosts its strength against the elements, including high winds. So you get peace of mind knowing each panel looks beautiful while staying more resistant to cracking, impact and distortion.

Liberty Elite Double 4″

Traditional Double 4″ lap siding gives the historic look of wood clapboard siding, and creates a realistic shadow line where the panels appear to overlap. It is often used for a more traditional look.


Liberty Elite Colors

Liberty Elite Double 5″

Double 5″ lap siding provides a traditional look where a strong shadow line is desired.

Liberty Elite Colors

Liberty Elite Double 5″ Dutch Lap

Dutch Lap panels overlap each other with a shiplap joint and have a unique flat face and cove that creates a narrower reveal line, adding lots of visual interest. The decorative groove improves strength and creates deeper shadow lines.

Liberty Elite Colors