Cedar Roofing Installation - Glenview IL

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Cedar Roofing Installation – Glenview IL

We have installed a new cedar roof in the Glenview, IL area. Heavy cedar shake is the only shake approved by the Indian Ridge Association. (Note: We used our private label and popular North Shore Prime Cedar Shakes for this project.) Please see the details of this roofing project below the completed photos.

Cedar Roofing Contractor

Cedar Shake Roofing

Heavy Cedar Shake Installation



On this project we performed the following tasks for our clients:

  • – Obtained all necessary permits
  • – Protected and covered all plants and shrubs
  • – Tore off and hauled away all existing roofing material (We protected the driveway with light dump trailer)
  • – Inspected deck for rotten wood and loose boards (Mailed all loosened boards)
  • – Replaced any wood sheeting to deck as necessary
  • – Provided and install;ed ice and water shield along the gutter lines
  • – Provided and installed new aluminum baby tins (step flashing) at roof and masonry wall connections
  • – Provided and installed .032 aluminum chimney saddle behind the chimney
  • – Removed existing valleys and installed Pac-Clad .032 aluminum W-valleys (Color Dark Bronze)
  • – Fabricated and installed (2) two .032 aluminum corner pans at the bottom of the valley at the garage / house connection.
  • – Provided and installed ASTM D266, 18″ No. 30 un-perforated asphalt felt inter-laid with shakes
  • – Replaced lead flashings on all roof stacks
  • – Provided and installed (2) two bathroom vent roof caps and connected them to existing bathroom exhaust vents
  • – Removed and replaced power roofing vent on upper roof, added new power roof vent that has a thermostat and humidistat controls for year round service
  • – Removed existing mushroom vents from upper roof and covered holed with wood
  • – Provided and installed (5) five slanted back static vents on the lower roof (garage)
  • – Provided and installed starter cedar shingles on all eaves
  • – Provided and installed hand-split and re-sawn prime grade, private label North Shore Prime cedar with 90% vertical grain. Heavy weight 24″ length x3/4″ thick butt with 10″ exposure (new shakes attached using hot dip galvanized nails)
  • – Provided and installed Boston Type Cedar ridge cap on the hip and ridge
  • – Provided and installed new aluminum chimney counter flashing and saddle
  • – Provided and installed new aluminum chimney counter flashing along the house / garage connection
  • – Provided daily clean-up and thorough cleanup after projects completion (swept yard with “magic roller” for nails)
  • – All work was performed professional completed according to manufactures specifications.


Cedar Roofing Installation Video:

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