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Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing Installer

Cedar roofing shingles are a favorite of many homeowners for their natural, rustic appearance. In America, wood roof shingles and cedar shakes date back to the Colonial Period when they were the roofing system of choice. Wood roof shingles are commonly cut from red cedar and sawn uniformly.

Cedar shakes are also frequently hand-split, creating a more rustic appearance. Unfortunately, for all their visual appeal, real cedar shake shingles suffer from a variety of weathering, durability, and safety issues that affect natural wood over time. Real cedar shake shingles are a common fire hazard that have homeowners and insurance companies apprehensive over their continued usage.

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Synthetic cedar products are an innovative material that replicates the look of cedar, with some added benefits.  Most frequently used by homeowners who currently have a cedar roof, Synthetic shake offers many benefits.

Why would I consider a synthetic cedar roof to replace my natural cedar roof?

Both natural cedar and synthetic cedar have their own set of benefits.  For most homeowners it is merely an option of choosing a material that will never show the traditional signs of aging that a natural cedar roof will (i.e. curling or cracking).  It is important to remember that a natural cedar roof that is properly installed will also garner a longer life expectancy than many other traditional roof systems.

Limitless Synthetic Roofing Colors

Limitless Synthetic Roofing Colors

A Virtually Limitless Color Palette

Valoré Shake synthetic tiles are available in a full spectrum of authentic cedar colors. Each DaVinci Shake blend is formulated from different wood tones creating a natural variance in color, enhancing the realistic appearance and blending beautifully with its surroundings.

Valoré utilizes our proprietary VariBlend™ technology to form varying shades from tile to tile creating an infinite number of color shades. Don’t see a blend that matches your home? DaVinci offers a variety of blends, or you can use our virtually limitless color palette to create a unique color for your project.

Valoré synthetic tiles are also available in EcoBlend® cool roof colors, which help reduce your heating and cooling costs and meet LEED-NC and are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

Cedar Brands That We Carry

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Synthetic cedar products do have a variety of benefits, that include:

  • — Hail resistant
  • — Less wasteful during installation than natural cedar
  • — Mold, mildew and insect resistant
  • — Maintenance free
  • — Does not require painting, treatment or preservatives


When installed properly, only a trained eye would be able to discern between a synthetic cedar roof and a natural cedar roof from street level.  Read about some recent projects we have completed that used synthetic cedar!

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