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Synthetic Slate Roofing

Many people love the elegance and durability of natural slate tile roofing, which is made from fine grained shale rock. However, the high cost of installation and materials makes slate too expensive for most homeowners. Also, slate roofing is extremely heavy and most homes will need extra structural support to handle the extra load.

Luckily for homeowners, there is another option. Many roofing manufacturers make synthetic slate roofing, which mimics the beauty of natural slate without the high price tag and heavy weight.

Types of Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic slate is considered a premium roofing product, compared to standard asphalt shingles. Many synthetic slate roofing products are guaranteed to last at least from 30 to 50 years. These low maintenance roofing tiles are designed to withstand high wind, fire, freeze-thaw cycles, and other conditions. Some roofing tiles also contain fire retardant and UV inhibitors for extra protection.

Synthetic slate roofing is usually made from plastic or rubber, or a combination of both. Some roofing manufacturers use recycled materials, while others use virgin resins. To produce the tiles, the plastic or rubber is first heated and then injected into metal molds. Some synthetic slate roofing tiles are made from asphalt or composite materials, but it is less common.

Colors and Sizes

Popular colors for synthetic slate roofing shades include: red, grey-blue, purple-grey, green and black. Some manufacturers also offer synthetic slate tiles that come in distinct pre-mixed color blends. Some roofing manufacturers also offer diamond, scallop or chisel shapes, as well as special tiles for covering turrets and other curved rooflines.

Some synthetic slate product come in uniform widths, while others have varying widths to look like natural slate tiles. The most authentic looking roofing tiles are a bit thicker, to replicate natural slate’s distinctive shadow lines and depth. Homeowners should look at and compare several types of synthetic slate roofing, both up close and installed on a roof, before choosing one.

Installation Process

Synthetic slate roofing is normally installed on sloped roofs. Roofers should always install adequate underlayments and flashing to prevent leaks. Unlike natural slate, synthetic slate doesn’t require any special cutting or installation tools. The roofing tiles can often be cut with a utility knife and put up using standard roofing practices. However, professional installation is recommended for best results.


Synthetic Slate Installations by A.B. Edward Enterprises, Inc.

AddressCityStateZip# of FLD BNDLSJob Type# Squares N/CProduct ManufactureProductBlendRemodelerWebsitePhone NumberEmail
1115 Pleasant Ln.GlenviewIL60025315Single Family45DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateVineyardA.B. Edward Enterprises,
2 Brighton PlaceBurr RidgeIL60527490Single Family70DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateSlate GrayA.B. Edward Enterprises,
23 Cutters RunSouth BarringtonIL60010497Single Family71DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateBrownstoneA.B. Edward Enterprises,
23675 W. ChardonGrayslakeIL60030569Single Family81DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateSlate GrayA.B. Edward Enterprises,
3219 Bay View Ln.McHenryIL60050321Single Family46DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateSlate BlackA.B. Edward Enterprises,
348 Old Sutton RoadBarrington HillsIL60010700Single Family100DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateCastle GrayA.B. Edward Enterprises,
38 WatergateBarringtonIL60093605Single Family86DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateBrownstoneA.B. Edward Enterprises,
393 Fairview AveWinnetkaIL60093217Single Family31DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateCastle GrayA.B. Edward Enterprises,
455 SheridanWinnetkaIL60093467Single Family67DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateSlate GrayA.B. Edward Enterprises,
6800 Hoods CreekFranksvilleWI53126270Single Family39DaVinci RoofscapesDaVinci SlateEuropeanA.B. Edward Enterprises,
334 Gale Ave.River ForestIL60305306Single Family43DaVinci RoofscapesFancy ShakeAutumnA.B. Edward Enterprises,
1151 Wexford Ct.Des PlainesIL60016254Single Family36DaVinci RoofscapesValore SlateVineyardA.B. Edward Enterprises,
2458 N. Seminary AveChicagoIL6061471Single Family10DaVinci RoofscapesValore SlateMilanoA.B. Edward Enterprises,

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