The Top Ten Benefits of a New Roof

30 August 2016
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30 August 2016, Comments: 0

Take a look at the benefits of having a new roof installed on your home.

So what does a brand-new roof mean for property owners? A roofing replacement can be a very big decision and also have a massive effect on your home. Regrettably, many can not manage to pay for a roofing replacement even when it is absolutely essential.

The Top Ten Benefits of a New Roof.

The Top Ten Benefits of a New Roof.

Below you will find our top 10 reasons getting a new roof installed on your home is so important.

1.) Property Worth: A brand new roofing replacement makes your house a lot easier to sell.

2.) Return on Investment (ROI): With a typical ROI of 67-70%, new roofs are among the very best housing enhancements around!

3.) Curb Appeal: Realtors estimate that as much as 40% of your home’s curb appeal is connected to your roofing.

4.) Energy Efficiency: Possibilities are that your old roof is loosing cool air, meaning your HVAC system needs to work harder to achieve your desired indoor temperature

5.) Cost Effective: A brand-new roof allows your HVAC system to work more effectively, thus saving you cash on your month-to-month energy costs.

6.) Health: New roofing helps in preventing health hazards like mold and mildew and overall keeping your household safe.

7.) Security: The longer you wait to change that old worn-out roofing, the more hazardous the situation can become. An old roofing system in many cases may collapse or trigger part of the home to become unsteady.

8.) New Technology: Due to the fact that roofs last such a long period of time, the technology of a new roofing system is no doubt a number of generations ahead of a roof that was put on in the early 1960s.

9.) New Look: The new roofing system can have windows or a skylight set up which will bring more light into the attic or into your house in general.

10.) Stress-Reduction: No one desires the ongoing worry of a roofing system’s ability to stand up to the elements and challenges of Nature. Knowing your roofing system is solid and warrantied for many years, and will keep your home dry and warm inside provides a terrific peace-of-mind.


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